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pirdys equestrian lifestyle

What's Pirdy's ?

The story and evolution of a passion that has become an obsession.

I started horseback riding when I was 5 and a half.

It has always been the horse that has fascinated me: to stand at his side, to have the honor of looking after him, that he grants us his trust… This athlete, this companion, an emotional, sensitive living being , with its own language.

I spent hours at the pony club just to take care of them: brush them, clean their feet, grease them, take them to graze…

pirdys pirdy

After studying sports, a state certificate as a teacher – rider, a marketing diploma, fifteen years working in companies in the equestrian world, particularly at GPA , on the most beautiful competition grounds in Europe, with club and high-level riders, and with 28 years of experience in rubbing shoulders with horses every day… I wanted to create my brand, for what excites me the most: contact with horses and care.

I wanted to create a product to return to the origin of our love for horses, of what made us start riding, which recreates this encounter with the animal, which allows us to strengthen the bond between the rider and his horse. . We too often forget that riding a horse is not just about riding a horse.

pirdys origin
pirdys cheval sunset

I had to offer you what I know how to do best: share time with your horse and take care of it daily. It is from this evidence that the project to create my brand of brushes and grooming articles was born.

The one who realized my greatest dreams as a child and as a rider, “the horse of a lifetime” as we like to say… It’s her, Pirdy. More than 13 years that she shares my life today (or that she supports me, maybe… That, I invite you to ask her!).

Pirdy is a demanding product tester, her validation is essential for each creation of my brand, which therefore bears her name.

It is really my greatest passion and my conviction that I pass on to you through these grooming tools and accessories.

Take loving care of your horse.